Marechal Electric

DekontaktörTM ’ün mucidiInventor of DecontactorTM

Marechal was established in 1953 by Gilles Marechal.

The DECONTACTOR™ is a plug and socket with an integral loadbreak isolating switch. Combining these functions into the same unit makes the decontactor a safe, reliable and compact disconnection device for motors and power supplies, saving you time and cost. This is the ideal electrical connector for the industry.

Still butt-contacts system, which was invented by Marechal, is the best, modern and reliable system in the market.

Uçtan kontaklı fiş priz sistemleri

MARECHAL Electric produces industrial plugs and socket outlets, between 16A – 680A and 20V - 7000V voltage levels, from single core up to 37 cores like metal or glass reinforced polyester enclosure.

Marechal Electric products can be used safely in industrial plants with wide range of products like Ex-Proof (zone 1 & 2 (gas), zone 21 & 22 (dust), high heat resistance (-40°C - +240°C) metal and polyester enclosure, halogen free boxes for tunnel applications

Marechal plugs and socket outlets are modular. Handles are compatible with the inlet and socket outlet. By this way connector can be converted to a portable plug.


MARECHAL Electric ürünleri
DS2 Plug – Socket Outlet Connection Animation
MARECHAL Electric ürünleri
DXN Ex-Proof Plug – Socket Outlet Connection Animation

MARECHAL Electric ürünleri

MARECHAL Electric products are modular. Accordingly, a wall box can be used both for socket outlet and plug

 MARECHAL Electric ürünleri= MARECHAL Electric ürünleri + MARECHAL Electric ürünleri

250A üstü uzatma fiş ve priz için gövde tipleri

> Handles for inlet and socket outlet for 250A and above level  

  250A üstü metal priz ve fiş        250A üstü metal priz ve fiş  

  >20A – 200A Ex-Proof Plugs and Socket Outlets

20A – 200A Ex-Proof Fiş ve Prizler   20A – 200A Ex-Proof Fiş ve Prizler 

>Ex-Proof Boxes

 Ex-Proof Buatlar    Ex-Proof Buatlar  

> Tek kutuplu Ex-Proof Fiş ve Prizler

 Tek kutuplu Ex-Proof Fiş ve Prizler      Tek kutuplu Ex-Proof Fiş ve Prizler   

> Çok kontaklı IP65 Ex-Proof Fiş ve Prizler (Metal Gövde)

Çok kontaklı IP65 Ex-Proof Fiş ve Prizler (Metal Gövde)