New Macey

New Macey Pty Limited is a manufacturer of waterproof and explosion protected electrical connectors. It was founded in 1999 and operates from a factory in Tomago, Australia. NEW MACEY Ex-Proof plugs and socket outlets has been certified to use for underground and above ground. The products can be use in environment that contain flammable gas and dust.

NEW MACEY produces plugs and socket outlets between 60A-800A current and 660V-22000V voltage ranges. Additionally, produces special products like lighting fixtures for underground, multi contact products (up to 73 contacts) for signal and control. These products are waterproof up to 100 mt depth in water.

All plugs and socket outlets are suitable to use in harsh environmental conditions including water (IP68), dust, saline conditions, acids and explosive atmospheres and were made of bronze, stainless Steel or marine grade aluminum. Typical industries include railways, underground and open cut mining, quarries, minerals handling, the oil and gas sector, defence and electricity distribution utilities (transformers).

The company places a heavy emphasis on research and development, with a high percentage of its turnover devoted to the development of innovations in connector technology. Products are currently exported to several countries in addition to Turkey that including Argentina, Vietnam, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, China, the UK and Chile.


Ex-Proof plugs and sockets

Ex-Proof plugs and sockets